Do's & Don'ts

Does your Dog:

Sit, lie down and come on ONE command?

Walk on a leash without pulling?

Go inside his crate when asked?

Stay when you tell him to?

Does your Dog:

Scoot out the door at every opportunity?

Jump on your guests?

Steal off your counters?

Bark too much?

Steal your laundry?

Is your dog afraid of:

vacuum cleaners?
dog brushes?
men wearing hats?
loud noises?

We can fix all of the above without punishments or aversive techniques.

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Client Testimonials


"Clicker training makes so much sense. The 'click' lets our puppy know exactly when her behavior is what we are looking for and because she naturally wants to please us she repeats that behavior on command. We saw results after our first session. Because this type of training is effective and positive we are all happier - including our dog!" ~Darlene T., Mansfield, MA~

"Having never grown up with a pet and having grown up terrified of dogs, bringing a puppy into our home was a rather daunting experience for me. We called upon Jane's assistance rather early on, figuring it was better to start good habits right away, both with the dog and with how we went about training her. Jane was excellent and patient with us and helped us train our dog in the basics very quickly. As time went on, we would focus on particular behavior that we wanted to shape (encourage or discourage), and Jane was available and willing to help. Additionally, she made herself available at any time if we had any questions or concerns. She did much more than help train our puppy -- she gave us much all-around advice about dogs, and she definitely made the transition of becoming a dog owner much easier for me." ~Jocelyn K., Franklin, MA~

"Damien and I had never owned a dog ourselves. Our families had both had dogs growing up. We both wanted a dog of our own so much and finally got one. He was exactly what we were looking for but, was easily frustrated and demonstrated it through negative behaviors. We were at our wit's end and could not take it anymore. We called around to multiple dog training companies and we were not satisfied with their confidence that they could fix the problems. We called Foxfield Dog Training. We were very impressed with the training program and techniques used. One major difference between this training and others is that is takes place in the comfort of your own home. Not only did the training help our dog with his frustration but, also the training educated us on how dogs think and learn. The approach that Jane uses is positive reinforcement. She really puts time into understanding Scout's and our needs. She works with us on solutions that benefits both Scout and us." ~Kim and Damien S., Taunton, MA~

"Jane Young is a miracle worker. She has been training not only our adorable, but incorrigible, Irish Terrier puppy, but also the two young children and two parents of the household, so that everyone is working together to create an atmosphere of fun with structure. Where there was once despair and frustration, we have begun to really enjoy our youngest canine member of the family. In teaching our puppy new things, everyone is learning valuable lessons along the way. Each visit is a new experience where we can bring specific issues to Jane and she helps us solve that particular problem. Jane is a calm, fun-loving, reassuring, and exceptionally effective trainer. Both our dogs get so excited to see her at each visit!!! That says a lot!" ~Claudio F., Mansfield, MA~


"Jane is the best! Her clicker, gentle, patient approach to training was great-I learned sooo much from Jane also. I've been a dog owner for years, but Jane taught "Meg" and I so much! I have a beautifully trained dog and I am a wiser "mother" I continue to call Jane for all kinds of dog advice. Our relationship continues, which is an indication of Jane's commitment and devotion as a dog trainer." ~Eileen V.D., N. Attleboro, MA~

"Jane is a fantastic dog trainer. My dog, Lucy, got excited just seeing her car pull in the driveway. She has such a special way with the animals - they love her. She taught us all how to positively train our dog together, so we were a 'team' about it. Her ways are so simple and natural, yet so incredibly strong. Lucy caught on the first day. It makes so much sense, the way Jane teaches, it really has made our life better. We have a wonderful family dog because of her!" ~Beth B., Franklin, MA~

"I'm not sure that I would still have my dog Homer if it wasn't for Jane. He is a resource guarder and I've never had any dog with guarding issues before. We thought he was just a "bad seed" with bad genes but Jane helped us to work with him and understand him. Homer is an absolute love and my family and I can't imagine not having him around. He still has his guarding issues and with the clicker and treats and several "home tutoring" sessions with Jane, we can successfully diffuse a "guarding" situation. I would and have recommended Jane to my friends." ~Christine M., Attleboro MA~

"Jane is a great dog (and people) trainer. We had our first puppy and we wanted to make sure he was trained properly. Jane came to our house and gave us ?one on one? training with Bruschi. Jane was very organized and had a complete list of common commands for our training sessions. She not only demonstrated the commands with Bruschi, but she made sure we were able to do the commands as well. Each session built on the previous session and if there were any issues, Jane was able to help us! Bruschi is the best mannered dog in the neighborhood! Thanks to Jane!" ~Lou and Kathy C., Foxboro, MA~

"I have 2 'rescue' dogs, Mugsley who is 8 (a street dog from Puerto Rico and in need of zero training- age is a wonderful thing) and Spunky, a 2 year old Va. Rescue hound mix who is appropriately named and in need of a lot of training. Jane has been 'training' Spunky for about 6 months now.... or should I say training me on how to train Spunky. I can not say enough wonderful things about Jane! She is kind, compassionate, has a sincere love for dogs and most importantly is extremely talented with respect to understanding the doggie point of view and how to use positive reinforcement to teach them what we want them to learn. I have tried other dog trainers and Jane is the first one I am truly satisfied with!!! She takes the time to know and understand you and your concerns and your dog. She explains her strategy, is flexible with her approach and most importantly listen to your concerns and thoughts and uses an approach that promotes positive reinforcement. My dog's love her which is all the testimony I need to keep her on our dance card. As an example.....Spunk's was very aggressive when encountering other dogs during walks and within 1 session showing me through positive reinforcement what to do.. no exaggeration.... the issue was resolved. I have seen incredible results with our Spunk-a doo since she has started training 'us'! The key to a successful experience I believe, is #1 getting the right person in your lives which I truly believe Jane is and even more importantly #2 making a commitment to follow through with the training techniques. (Although I have to say, with my busy schedule, I haven't been as diligent and yet with the little time I do spend working with Spunk, she is still picking things up very quickly!) I know you will be in good hands with Jane!" ~Nanci L., Natick, MA~

"Jane, there are no words to express how deeply grateful we are to you. You have made our lives with our new pups amazing because now we understand them so much more. You have taught us how they think, learn, respond and feel. Luke and Layla enhance our lives because you taught us about them and how to best communicate with them. We went from feeling frustration with two littler mates (rescues) we felt weren't listening, to realizing we were the ones not making sense to them. People make mistakes with their animals and give up on them without learning how to properly interact with them. Luke has become incredibly affectionate and Layla much more independent. The change in them and us is remarkable. This is the best investment we've ever made. With each training session our confidence grows (theirs and ours). We have two playful, smart, loving and of course well trained best friends. Their love is pure. The perfect kind. The kind only a dog can give. Thank you from the heart." ~Alex, Milton, MA~

"Hi Jane: I have a question... Did you steal my dog yesterday and leave me a different one??? :)" ~Deb K., Lakeville, MA~