Do's & Don'ts

Does your Dog:

Sit, lie down and come on ONE command?

Walk on a leash without pulling?

Go inside his crate when asked?

Stay when you tell him to?

Does your Dog:

Scoot out the door at every opportunity?

Jump on your guests?

Steal off your counters?

Bark too much?

Steal your laundry?

Is your dog afraid of:

vacuum cleaners?
dog brushes?
men wearing hats?
loud noises?

We can fix all of the above without punishments or aversive techniques.

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Basic Pet Obedience

Spring 2019:
Tuesdays, April 23, May 7,
May 14, May 28, June 18 and ending July 2

6 to 7 PM or 7:15 to 8:15 PM

 First week (April 23) combined talk class from 6:30 to 8:30, no dogs attend

Foxboro Recreation Dept., Don Cotter Rec Hall, 68 Mill Street, Foxboro, MA

Covers all of the basics every dog needs to know and more. Included are name response, settle, find it, leave it, sit, loose leash walking, down, hand targeting, wait, come, stay, attention to face, kisses, off, settle with human approach, reaction to visual distractions and loud noises, opt in husbandry, accepting petting and catch. Dogs should be able to work around other dogs, humans and the sound of clickers without barking. Puppies under 5 months are welcome but should be socialized to other puppies and dogs in an alternate way.  

Classes take a maximum of 8 dogs with their families.